Letter from the Volunteer Chairman

Let me share with you my vision for Jacksonville as it relates to RITA. I believe our city will become the Southeast’s center for cancer research and treatment. Here are some of the many positives that we see from our position of being a major donor. The Baptist Cancer Institute, Mayo Clinic, Shands Jacksonville, and Saint Vincent’s are expanding their cancer programs. This increased focus covers the many forms of cancer; from solid tumor to leukemia / lymphoma. Add to this the new Shands Gainesville Genetic and Cancer Research Building, the new Cancer Hospital in Gainesville, the new University of Florida College of Medicine Proton Beam facility on the Shands Jacksonville campus, St. Vincent’s new Cancer Center, Mayo’s new hospital and basic cancer research department. Mayo Clinic has National Cancer Institute designation and Shands Cancer Center is working to achieve their designation. NCI approval means more research grants will be coming to our area.

How is RITA helping? Our contributions to these local programs continue to grow. In addition, we are working with the major institutions and medical equipment companies to Leverage our special event proceeds. Last year we were able to donate a state of the art mammography machine costing $400,000 to the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. We are actively pursuing additional opportunities to bring new technologies to our city.

Our newest special project is to print and distribute FREE to all area cancer programs a ‘NOTEBOOK for cancer patients’. Money to pay the printing cost were raised through private fundraising activities, Memorial gifts, and other special donations.

How can you help? We are one of the most fiscally responsible non profit organizations in the country. Not only do we donate 100% of the net proceeds from our special fund raising events, but we now are working to multiply that amount by 200% to 300%. If you to make sure that every dollar of your charitable contribution goes to solving a medical need; equipment, research, or patient, we will make sure that your contribution is not diluted by staff salaries or corporate overhead. If you believe that new equipment and new technologies are important, make a contribution to our Equipment Fund.

Research Is The Answer to help cure the many forms of cancer. Research and treatment takes new technology… and both research and technology are expensive. RITA is dedicated to help fund our local research efforts and bring the new technology to our area.

Charles R. Jantz, Volunteer Chairman

Research News – Letter from the Founder & Volunteer Chairman


Dear Friends,

Many of you know I have been raising money for breast cancer research for 17 years through my RITA (Research Is The Answer) Foundation. As an all-volunteer organization, over $4,200,000.00 has been donated without any salary or overhead costs. RITA has been funding Dr. Copland, a Mayo Clinic Jacksonville research scientist, for the last 4 years.

Dr. John “Al” Copland and his lab colleagues have discovered a cancer gene that is overexpressed in aggressive cancers and have developed a therapy against this gene. They urgently need funding to further develop this treatment for which clinical trials are planned. Read more about it here.

I am asking you to consider helping in two ways:

  • First, if cancer research is important to you, please make a donation**.
  • Secondly and equally important, whether you make a donation or not, please pass this request and information to everyone in your address book and any additional social media outlets. You almost certainly have contacts that have been affected by cancer and would like to have an opportunity to contribute to ground breaking basic research.

100% of the contributions will go directly to Dr. Copland for this project. Every contribution will receive a tax deduction letter.

Thank you for your consideration as well as your help with this grass roots cancer research funding project and forwarding our message to everyone. It costs $ 1,000,000.00 dollars to get to the clinical stages. Proceeds from The RITA Foundations Cancer Research Endowment at Mayo will be used to fund the first part of the Stage 1 goals. Attached are pages of Dr. Copland’s email with related project, research information and additional links.
Thanks for any and all help.

**Donations can be done on this website, click HERE.

**Or by check, payable to The RITA Foundation, marked in the memo “Mayo”

Mail to :
The RITA Foundation
8334 Amherst Hills Lane
Jacksonville, FL 32256.


Charles R. Jantz
Founder and Volunteer Chairman
Fed. I.D. 59-3614273 State of Florida CH11001