Check Presentations

Dr. Pierre Allaire, vice president Baptist Foundation, Amelia Bifano of Rockaway Gardens, Lisa Dalziel - committee, Sherill Herzfeld -committee chair, Julie Sturm - committee, Taylor Beck of Terk Oncology, Judy Croan - committee, and Jason Simpson - Baptist Beaches Development.

The RITA Foundation's Mixed Tennis event completed their check presentations with three grants to the Baptist Health System. The RITA/Mixed RITA Cancer Endowment was established with $ 8,000.00. This endowment will be fully funded over the next two years to $ 30,000.00 and will then be matched by the Baptist Foundation. 

Additionally, two checks of $ 1,000.00 were given to assist Steve Gutos of Bro to Bro Prostate Support Group at Baptist Beaches. Steve Gutos and Jason Simpson and Taylor Beck of Terk Oncology, Sherill Herzfeld - Mixed RITA chair with Steve Gutos.

The RITA / Mixed RITA event raised over $ 20,000.00 in the inaugural year! These funds were divided between our Breast Cancer Endowment at Mayo Clinic and the Prostate program with a new Cancer Endowment and funds to help the Bro to Bro Prostate support group.

The RITA Foundation's new mixed doubles event, Mixed RITA, was held on June 3 and 4, 2017 at Sawgrass Country Club. 48 teams competed over the two days. Proceeds of $ 20,000 were raised with $ 10,000.00 going into The RITA Foundation's Breast Cancer Endowment at Mayo Clinic and $ 10,000.00 will go to Baptist Medical Center Beaches to create a new Prostate Cancer Endowment.

Meaghan Lutz, Terk Oncology, Taylor Beck, Terk Oncology, Sherill Herzfeld, Chair, Mixed RITA event, Greg Burkhardt, Rockaway Gardens, Abe Powell, Tom Bush Family of Dealerships

On Monday, January 16, 2017, the SenioRITAs at Sawgrass committee presented our grants from last year’s October tournament and auction at Sawgrass Country Club to Baptist Medical Center Beaches. Taking advantage of the Baptist Foundation’s Matching Endowment plan, two new fully funded Cancer Endowments were created. The first was to honor long time Sponsor, The Main Street America Group. The second honored another long time Sponsor, Regency Centers. Being fully funded at $ 25,000 each, the Baptist match brought both endowments to $ 50,000.00…$ 100,000.00 total! Additionally, two partially funded endowments were created. The Cimarrone Ladies Golf Association Cancer Endowment is partially funded at $ 11,985.00 and $ 2,285.00 in Memory of Nancy Alderman was added to our $200,000.00 SenioRITAs Cancer Endowment at the Baptist Foundation. All proceeds from these endowments are directed to breast cancer programs at Baptist Medical Center Beaches and Baptist Medical Center South.

The following Monday, January 23, 2017, the committee presented two grants to Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. Dr. Al Copland received $ 45,000.00 to further his research on Triple Negative Breast Cancer. His lab has discovered several new compounds that work against multiple cancers. He is hoping to proceed to clinical trials. $ 6,000.00 was also added to the SenioRITAs at Sawgrass Cancer Research Endowment in Honor of Chuck Saacke bringing that total to $ 106,000.00.

The results from our 2016 SenioRITAs event exceeded $ 103,000.00 and was the highest net revenue in the twenty year history.

Chuck Jantz
February 1, 2017